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How I lost 50,5 kgs in 5 month and 5 days. A history of 1061 days of failures and a path to success. - ebook

How I lost 50,5 kgs in 5 month and 5 days. A history of 1061 days of failures and a path to success. - ebook

Piotr Konopka

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 This book is my story. It's about success, the road to it: there's a bit of theory. But mostly, it's about practice - how, in 158 days (the title 5 months and five days), I changed my life and lost 50.5 kg.

A hilarious picture of Pawel Jaronski is circulating the web - a doctor diagnosing a patient, saying, "You are fat. Please don't be fat." The patient thanks him, and the consultation is over. Much weight-loss advice looks similar. Seemingly simple advice that only looks good on paper. Or in a world of superheroes endowed with superpowers.

This is not a book for superheroes. Nor is it a book written by a superhero. It is a story about how to win, despite stumbles and failures. How to learn lessons. How to pick yourself up after successive falls. You will only find advice that works in everyday life. You will get practical advice tailored to the busy lifestyles of today's world. Based on factual foundations and the knowledge of experts in many fields but is complemented by the true story of a man who has faced himself. Or that's what superheroism is.

This book is a record of my story. I won't describe my life, but I will discuss almost four years. It will be about success but also the road to it. The first part concerns the period from 23 August 2019 to 18 July 2022. That is 1,061 days, which can be seen as a period of failure. Or (to paraphrase Thomas Edison), it was a period in which I discovered 1061 ways to lose weight that didn't work. The second part was the 158 days (actually the eponymous five months and five days), during which, using the experiences I had gathered, I changed my life and lost 50.5 kg.

To lose weight, I had to suffer from depression and stage III obesity. Sometimes people with depression say they woke up driving a car in a head-on collision. Me, I feel like I woke up in the vicinity of a coffin with a box of pizza in my hand. 

The fact that I have lost and continue to lose weight is the result of the sum of my experiences, not a magical transformation. This is only a book for some. I am not a doctor, although doctors do appear in it. This is not a book to diagnose endocrine disorders or other illnesses (see a doctor about those!). I will not help you all. But if at least a few people benefit from my story, I will still be happy. The fact that I have a circle of people supporting me is lucky. Some people are not so fortunate. But it's worthwhile then to seek help from professionals (psychotherapists, psychologists) who can help in such a situation. 

But if my experiences are to help at least one person - it is worth sharing such knowledge. That is why this book was written. 

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